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Managing your content, and maximising its quality

Content-still-leads1Communication trends for 2015 show some familiar ones still going strong (social media use is still rising) and some new ones (increased use of “explanimations” and other videos). But whatever the trend, content still leads in all channels – and budgets remain tight. You can make the most out of yours by making use of Baxter Communications’ professional support on a flexible, as-needed basis.

Obviously, you want ALL your communications to be clear and correct. But an internal email describing new training courses is different from an external article about professional partnerships or a major press release. Depending on your own workload, you may not always have time to ensure your content is at the quality standard you want – or that it is even created at all! If that’s the case, just contact Baxter Communications.

Proof, please!
Do you have an internally created message that could use a careful read through to correct any and all spelling, grammar and language mistakes? We offer expert proofreading with very quick turnaround time, and will even point out any inconsistencies in content or logic that we think need to be fixed. This ensures your communication will always be completely clear, correct and understandable.

Can you make it better?
If you find a text confusing, boring or difficult to read, it probably needs a good edit. Our editing services go beyond proofreading to rework the content itself as necessary to remove repetition, improve flow and logic, and make the message as engaging as possible. Editing can also give you a shorter, snappier version – for social media, for instance – of already written material.

Creating your content
You need content, but no one in your organisation has the time to put it together? We can create the stories you need for internal and external communications of all kinds – including social media. We can do this based on input you give us, or collect it ourselves through interviews or research. From beauty to science, and from social media to magazines – give us a subject and channel, and let us do the storytelling magic!

Virtual editorial team
When the organisation required by recurring communications, such as newsletters, takes more time than you have, Baxter Communications can act as your virtual editorial team. We can coordinate calls for topics within your organisation, collect input, and keep everything on schedule. Working closely together with you, we can smooth and speed the wheels of your day-to-day communications operations.

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