Global communications in English

Track record

A taste of qualityFor twenty years, we’ve been providing our clients with a wide variety of communications across the full range of media – from brochures and newsletters to websites, speeches and beyond.

Writing and editing
We write, edit, check and improve texts for our clients, making sure that the kind of English we use is appropriate for the intended audience. We also advise on the use of British or American English and know how to address an international audience that mainly consists of non-native speakers of English.

For newsletter articles, we’re used to interviewing people over the phone, saving time and money. We also use Skype for international, long-distance connections.

High-quality translation services
Because we’re based in the Netherlands, we can also offer high-quality translation services, translating your Dutch originals into spotless English. Thanks to our professional writing expertise, you can be sure of a properly written English version of your text, and not ‘just a translation’.

Take a look at some typical examples of our work in corporate communications, marketing communications and internal communications.


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