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Is it Kind regards or Kind Regards?

When you’re finishing a letter or e-mail, how should you capitalise the final phrase (or ‘complimentary close’, to give it its official name)? Should you give all the words a capital letter, just the first one, or none at all? This is a point that even native speakers are often uncertain about!

The answer is: you capitalise only the first one. This applies to both business and personal correspondence, and to both UK and US English. The following are therefore all written correctly:

Kind regards
Best regards
With love
Yours sincerely
Sincerely yours
With best wishes
Yours faithfully
Yours truly

Of course, if there is only one word in the close, then that gets a capital:


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  1. So many businesses get this wrong …………..thank you for making it plain and simple!

  2. Omg…. I’ve seen so many variations and never knew the appropriate closure until my son in college corrected my email. So in looking it up I see that he is correct….. wow… I was taught incorrectly many years ago..
    Thanks for simple explanatuon!

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