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Don’t forget the final step

finish Writing in a corporate context is usually a collaborative and iterative process. You brief us on what you want to achieve, we write a first draft, and then it’s your turn. You (and perhaps your colleagues) give us feedback so that we produce a new version that’s even closer to what you have in mind. Alternatively, you make changes to the document yourself.

So far so good: we’ve collaborated and we’ve iterated. But don’t forget that – no matter how good your command of English (and even if you’re a native speaker) – it’s always best to make the very last phase a final check by us to eliminate any stray typos, spelling errors or grammatical oddities. You’d be surprised at the mistakes that creep in when you’re not looking. It’s worth bearing in mind that four eyes are always better than two, and that printed is printed. That’s why we advise clients: “Don’t print it till we’ve proofed it!”

Check out this video to see what I mean…

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