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Client case study: Giving Teijin Aramid a voice

TeijinSince 2007, Baxter Communications has been working with Teijin Aramid to create awareness of the diverse applications of the company’s unique products. Besides writing and editing marketing materials and providing general editorial support, our main responsibility is Teijin Aramid’s online magazine, Aramid Vision. Now into its eighth year, this is a successful partnership that continues to bring out the best in both parties.

A message to communicate

Teijin Aramid produces various high-strength fibres, most notably their para-aramid fibre, Twaron. Teijin’s products find uses in many different markets, such as automotive (e.g., tyres, hoses and belts), aerospace, leisure goods (e.g., boats), protective clothing (e.g., bullet-, fire- and cut-resistant clothing), optical fibre cables and more. Since the company is continually updating its offering, communicating with its target market of customers and suppliers is essential. Their online magazine Aramid Vision, which is distributed to some 6,500 customers, suppliers and distributors, builds brand awareness by showcasing the latest applications of Teijin’s products.

The benefits of a specialised writing agency

“It’s crucially important that we communicate with our customers in a clear and exciting way,” says Joost Suurenbroek, Corporate and Marketing Communications Officer at Teijin Aramid. “As a specialised writing agency, Baxter Communications delivers high-quality copy and they practically always hit the nail on the head the first time round. They’re able to translate complex ideas into simple language, which is strongly appreciated by our target audience. We’ve been working with Baxter for many years now, which means they have a real affinity with our products and services.”

In 2014, Teijin Aramid changed the format of the magazine from print to online, and we adapted our writing accordingly, producing more interactive copy that suits the online medium. “Our online magazine is very successful, as shown by customer feedback and analytics,” says Joost. “This would be impossible without well-written texts. If we want to be the world’s leading para-aramid company, our communication material has to be the best as well.”


Façade Stedelijk Museum

The newly renovated Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam has the largest composite façade in the world, made from a combination of Teijin’s Twaron and Tenax fibers. Photo: Teijin Ltd.




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