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HR Communications

Communicating with a diverse workforce about pay, benefits, training and career development, or attracting new staff and introducing them to the company – just a few of the communication challenges HR departments in global corporations face every day.

How can we help?
We have considerable experience in helping HR departments adapt to working in English, translating and internationalising documentation and induction materials. For those already working in English we help to communicate the details of HR programmes and initiatives.

Typical projects
Take a look at some examples of our work:

Philips Executive Remuneration
Philips Executive Remuneration Guide

A brochure explaining for those “at the receiving end” the intricacies of executive remuneration policies, including base salary, performance measurement and incentives.

Rabobank Pension Guide

Your Pension in a Nutshell. English version of a brochure explaining Rabobank’s pension scheme in an accessible way, targeted at non-Dutch employees. (With Volta)

Akzo Nobel Global Mentoring Program

A brochure explaining what mentoring involves and how employees can take advantage of the company’s Global Mentoring Program.

Engage for Growth

A brochure for Philips employees, explaining the importance of engagement and the company’s strategy for increasing it.

Versatel Global HR Materials

Conversion of all Versatel’s HR materials into English.

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