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Video scripts

With the rise of YouTube and the improvement of streaming video, marketing videos have taken on new lease of life. But if they are to avoid looking unintendedly amateurish, they need to be professionally scripted and produced.

How can we help?
We are experienced in working with clients and video specialists to develop scripts that are precise, dynamic and well-timed. We can work either with your own video director or introduce you to directors in our own network.

Typical projects
Take a look at some examples of our work:

Philips ReAura

A large number of in-store and promotional videos for Philips consumer products, as well as capability videos aimed at the trade. (With Lukkien)


Scripts for various sales presentations, including one aimed at retaining a major Japanese client and another at attracting a large multinational – in both cases with success.

Philips Accessories video

Script for a video aimed at the retail trade, introducing Philips’ Accessories, Communication and Control products, such as digital headphones, earphones, DECT phones, screen-based remotes and more.


Scenario and script for the DSM Engineering Plastics ‘experience’ (featured at a major international trade fair), in which Leonardo da Vinci gets to know the remarkable products of DSM. (With Jhein Lohman)

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