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Packaging, POS, slogans and claims

We all see packaging copy every time we go shopping. In a few crucial seconds, we use it to decide whether we’ll buy a product or not. The copywriter needs to get across, in just a few square centimetres, the benefits that will make the difference. And in the global marketplace, it’s important to remember that the copy may expand when translated.

How can we help?
We’re experienced in writing international packaging copy, POS materials, slogans and claims – we know how to make every word count.

Typical projects
Take a look at some examples of our work:


Packaging copy and POS materials for a wide range of Philips consumer products, including domestic appliances, personal care products, remote controls and products for health and wellness.

NEA International

USPs for on the packaging of NEA products (medical braces for wrists, knees and ankles).


Slogans and claims for a variety of Philips products, from electric toothbrushes and shavers to coffeemakers and vacuum cleaners.


Editing packaging copy for Eru cheese products. (With De Vormgevers)

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