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Research reports and white papers

Research reports, working papers, white papers, position papers, tenders, executive summaries – they represent a considerable investment of brainpower, time and money. It’s a great waste, therefore, if their content isn’t communicated well.

How can we help?
We can help you get the most out of your investment by making sure your document is clear, easy to read and highly effective. Our assistance can range from simple proofreading to substantial editing or even writing from scratch, all in close consultation with you.

Typical projects
Take a look at some examples of our work:


A report on research conducted by Clingendael on behalf of the Curatorium of the Prince Claus Chair on Development Issues.

The World Bank

Research report on the misuse of various business structures to conceal ownership of illegally acquired assets and a working paper on illegal logging and how criminal law can be better applied to combat it.


The response of the European plastics industry to a report by the futurologist Ray Hammond on the future role of plastics.


Summaries of various advisory reports brought out by the Social & Economic Council of the Netherlands.

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