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Giving a successful speech in English calls for more than just a good knowledge of the language. It requires careful preparation. Even a great speaker like Winston Churchill spent hours preparing his supposedly “spontaneous” speeches.

How can we help?
The writers at Baxter Communications have had extensive experience in assisting senior executives and professionals – especially non-native speakers of English – with their speeches and presentations. Our way of working is very flexible. For example, we can:

  • Work with you as a sparring partner to develop a speech from scratch or simply help you sharpen the message of a text you have already written
  • Suggest ways of structuring content for better impact
  • Provide feedback as an “intelligent outsider”
  • Check grammar and natural “flow”
  • Undertake any desk research required
  • Coach you on your pronunciation and delivery
  • Offer advice on preparing slides, if any.


Speeches plus…

Other executive services we provide include:

  • Co-writing books and articles
  • Writing executive biographies and CVs
  • Formulating difficult messages
  • Reducing a foreign accent in English
Easy to work with…

Based in the Netherlands and the UK, we’re quick, efficient and friendly, take briefings in English, Dutch or French, and are very flexible. More »

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